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San Angelo Soccer Association has the following procedure to handle disciplinary issues and to resolve disputes which arise in the course of organizing and playing soccer. This discipline and appeals procedure is limited to the actions of coaches, players, parents, and other spectators. The discipline and appeals process does not apply to the actions or calls of referees. If a coach or parent feels that the rules of the Soccer League have been violated or that a person connected with the league has conducted themselves in a manner which is in violation San Angelo Soccer Association code of conduct they are asked to use the procedure outlined below.  

If you have a question regarding a specific Rule, please email the San Angelo Soccer Association at:



Persons entering into this procedure are expected to conduct themselves in a civil manner. Rudeness, yelling, or threatening will not be tolerated and may result in disciplinary action against the person engaging in such behavior. Issues which are brought into this procedure must be communicated by an adult. Players, therefore, are to act through their coaches or parents.


  1. If a person believes that they have an issue which fits within the scope of this procedure the issue is to first be discussed between the parties involved, if possible. Again, civil polite behavior is expected.
  2. If no resolution was reached between the parties involved then the matter should be discussed with the coach of the player involved. If the issue is with the coach then this step would be skipped.
  3. If neither the parties nor the respective coaches can reach resolution the issue can be brought to designee for discipline and appeals in writing. The designee can be reached by by filling the form out below or by email at sasaappealsanddiscipline@gmail.com They may handle the matter themselves, or request that a committee member do so.
  4. If no satisfactory resolution can be reached in step 3, then the issue may be brought to the full discipline and appeals committee. The League designee will schedule a hearing and a committee will review the issue(s), interview relevant individuals, and return a written response to the person who raised the issue.
  5. If the response from the discipline and appeals committee is not satisfactory, the person may bring the issue to the Board of Directors of the San Angelo Soccer Association via an appeal process. This must also be done in writing and addressed to the Board of Directors.
  6. Report should contain: 
    1. Date and time of incident
    2.Location of incident
    3. Name of person/team involved
    4.Detailed description of complaint
    5. Contact information for person submitting report