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Please see our Frequently Asked Questions below.  If you have any other questions, please contact the Registrar.

Is my child old enough to participate? 
SASA is currently accepting players born in 2017. Any player born in 2017 and prior will be eligible to register.

I just signed up, when will I hear something?
You should receive a call from a coach sometime between the coaches meeting and two weeks before the 1st game.  If you have not heard from your coach 2 weeks prior to the season please email SASA  at sasamain@outlook.com

What are the season dates?
The season dates are posted on the website.  If there is a rainout, the rescheduled game will be the weekend after the last game.

 What exactly does my registration fee cover?

North Texas State Soccer Association (“NTSSA”), of which SASA is a part of, receives a portion of each players’ registration fee which provides insurance coverage and operation expenses incurred for the development of soccer programs.  The remainder is used locally to cover administration expenses, buy field equipment, field maintenance, pay for referees, trophies and for coach and referee training and development.

What additional costs can I expect to pay?
All players will be required to provide their own uniforms. Team will be in charge of organizing uniforms by their team as well as shin guards.  Soccer cleats are not mandatory equipment, but recommended.  Each player will want to have a soccer ball.  There are other optional costs that vary from team to team, such as photos, tournament fees, party expenses, snacks, etc.

Where are the games played?
All home games are played at the San Angelo Soccer Fields at 1501 Glenna St., San Angelo, TX 76901.  Field maps are provided under the "Coaches/Managers" Tab at the top.  Depending on the number of teams in their age bracket will depend on if any teams have any out of town games.  Teams may  decide to go to out of town tournaments.

When are the games played?
Games are played on Saturdays starting at 8:00 a.m.  If games are rescheduled, depending on availability and nearing the end of the season games may be played during the week.

How are teams formed?
Most Under-5 and older teams are already formed and players are added to fill the returning team roster.  However, depending on the number of players in each age division and the number of open slots on each team, new teams are sometimes formed.  This is determined during the pool drawing. 

Can I request a team for my child?
Yes, U4/U5 players have the option to request a team if emailed in to the registrar. We also, allow Military families to request a team in certain circumstances. Outside of those two examples, team requests are not permitted. 

Can I bring my friend and have them play on my team?
If your friend has never played before, we have a "Bring a Friend" Policy for ages U4-U6 only.  They may be placed on the same team, if there is room, and  players are in the same age group.  Once registered an email will need to be sent to the Registrar so we can make sure of proper placement.

Where and when do we practice?

The location, day and time of your team’s practice is at the discretion of the coach.  According to SASA rules recreational teams may not practice more than twice a week and coaches are given recommendations on practice time. It is recommended that the practice length be the same as the length of the game.  Young players should not exceed 1 hour and older players should not exceed 1.5-2 hours.

Why can’t we practice at the soccer complexes?
Living in West Texas does have its challenges! Keeping soccer fields green and in playable condition is a struggle, even with all the hard work the City and the SASA board puts into it. By not practicing on game fields, we hope to allow the fields an opportunity to rebound and achieve the best possible results from this huge investment.  We do allow practices on the field upon reservation during certain times of the year/seasons.  Please contact the office for more information.

Who can I call to find out if a game has been cancelled?

Rain does not automatically cancel a soccer game.  We only cancel games in the event of lightning or when continued play will cause damage to the fields and become dangerous for your child's safety.    Sometimes morning games are cancelled, but not afternoon games.  Best practice – show up for your games.  The SASA Board will makes these decision to cancel any games.  Once the decision is made, a mass email will be sent out, it will be posted on our website and our social media.  You may email or call your Commissioner of your age group to find out the status of the day’s games.  You can also check our web site, on the right is the weather and if the fields are open or closed.

What size ball will they use?
Teams Under 8 and younger                          Size 3 ball

Team Under 9 through Under 12                 Size 4 ball

Teams Under 13 and Older                            Size 5 ball

How many players are on the field?
Teams Under 13 and older shall play 11v11.

Teams Under 11-12 shall play 9v9

Teams Under 9 -10 shall play 7v7

Teams Under 8 and younger shall play 4v4 with no goal keeper.

How long are the games?

Teams Under 8 and younger                         four 8 minute quarters
                                                                Overtime: None         

Teams Under 9-10                                           two 25 minutes halves
                                                                Overtime: Two 10 min.

Teams Under 11-12                                          two 30 minute halves
                                                                Overtime: Two 10 min.

Teams Under 13-14                                          two 35 minute halves
                                                                Overtime: Two 10 min.

Teams Under 15-16                                          two 40 minute halves
                                                                Overtime: Two 15 min.

Teams Under 17-19                                          two 45 minute halves
                                                                Overtime: Two 15 min.

Adult                                                      two 45 minute halves
                                                                Overtime: Two 15 min.

Do we have to play in a tournament?
No!  Participation in a tournament is strictly optional and is up to each individual team.  Just about every recreational tournament allows for guest players to cover these situations.  However, you MUST invite each existing team member to attend the tournament.  If a player chooses not to attend a particular tournament, you may then pick up guest players.  At no time may a team go above their maximum allowable roster size required by the tournament. 

Can I be a coach?
Yes!  We are always in need of coaches.  Even if you have never played soccer before, coaching soccer is easy.  All that is required is a wiliness to be involved with children.  We will have a coaches clinic during the season and summer, which will provide you with all the information needed to have a successful season.  Clinics have not been scheduled, so please check our website for the date and time.  To register as a coach, click the "Coaches and Managers" Tab at the top of the page.

How about being a referee?
Yes! Again, we are always in need of referees.  This is perfect way to earn extra money.  Please click the "Referee" Tab at the top of the page to see when the next Referee clinic will be scheduled.  Please contact the office for more information.

We played games without a referee last season?
We strive to have referees at every game and attempt to schedule games so that we can cover as many games as possible.  However, there are factors that we cannot control.  Referees become ill, injured, or school and family conflicts come up at the last minute. Not all referees are qualified to officiate every age group.  Just like our players, our new referees are also learning the game. Therefore it is possible to see a younger referee on a 5- or 6-year-old game, while an adult referee covers older age group games.  We always are looking for referees! If you are interested or know someone interested in becoming a ref, please visit the "Referee" tap at the top of the page.

Why does San Angelo have to be a part of North Texas State Soccer Association?
All soccer in the world is controlled by FIFA, which stand for the Federation International de Football Association.  A portion of your registration fee finds its way to FIFA.  FIFA rules are used to play the soccer game.   San Angelo is a part of North Texas State Soccer Association (“NTSSA”), which is a member of United States Youth Soccer Organization (“USYSO”), which is a member of United Stated Soccer Federation (“USSF”), which is a member of Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Association Football (CONCACAF) which is a member of FIFA. Hopefully, that answered your question!