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Coach/Manager Registration for FALL 2021/SPRING 2022

San Angelo Soccer Association along with the rest of North Texas will now be moving to the new GotSport Platform. Coaches and Managers will need to create a new account with GotSport to complete our Fall 2021/ Spring 2022 registration. 

Coaches, please click here, to complete coaches registration. Once your new account is created, you will select the coach or manager option at the bottom then select start. A photo will be required to create your account. This must be done in order to be assigned to a team.  Coaches registrations and background checks are valid June 1, 2021 until May 31, 2022.  

Background Check Instructions

Coach and Manager registration is now open. 

Please follow the steps below:

  1. Complete coaches/manager registration-
  2. Click on the person icon in the top right:
  3. Click on Profile
  4. You will automatically be on the dashboard tab
  5. For Background Check, click on More Info:
  6. Then Click Submit New Report After you submit, status will state pending. Please allow at least 24 hours for this to update to approved, denied, or under review.

SafeSport Instructions