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Ball size - U12 uses a size 4 ball. U14 uses a size 5 ball.  If U12 has a
match against a U14 team, then the rules state you "play up" to the large
ball.  If the U12 team wants to ask the older team to play with the size 4, and
they agree, that is no problem, as this is a non-counter game.


Field Size - U12 teams will play 9v9 on the same fields as U10.  U14 play

11v11 on the big fields.  If U12 plays a non-counter match against a U14,
then they will play on the smaller field.  If the U12 team wants to play on
the "big" field when playing U14, this can be accommodated with advanced
notice to your commissioner.  (Advanced notice is more than 24 hours.)

Time - U12 teams play two 30 minute halves.  U14 teams play two 35 minute

halves.  When U12 plays U14, the time will be two 30 minute halves.


When U12 plays a U14 team, these games are non-counters and simply an

alternative to a "BYE".  U14 teams please be considerate of the U12 teams.