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San Angelo Soccer Association 

5v5 Summer Fun Friendlies

Cost: $150 Early Registration (before 6/16)
           $175 Regular Registration 

Deadline to Enter: 7/6/2020

Max Roster: 8 players (roster must be submitted at the time of registration, no changes will be accepted)

Dates of Play: July 13th, 20th, and 27th. If needed July 16th, 23rd and 30th will be additional dates of play.

Start time: Will range from 5:30 PM- 8:00 PM

# of Games: 6 games guaranteed (2 each evening) 

Contact: sasa.soccer@yahoo.com

Registration: Click here

Payment: Check or money order will be due within 24 hours of the teams registration or teams risk the possibility or                       application being withdrawn from the event or the regular registration pricing. All payments should be                             submitted to the SASA drop box located next to the office door.

Playing Rules:
  • Age groups will be based on birth year of oldest rostered player.
  • Age pure divisions will be formed if possible, if not any decisions will be left to the discretion of the league director.
  • A player may only be rostered to 1 team.
  • Each match consists of 2 equal periods of 12 minutes with a 2 minute half time.
  • Each match will consist of 2 teams made up of 5 players. 1 player will be the goal keeper and must wear distinguishing colors.
  • Home team will be the listed first on the game schedule.
  • Players must wear matching shirts/jerseys, no numbers required.
  • In the event of a color conflict the home team must use an alternate jersey.
  • Pennies must be of a contrasting color and can be used instead of an alternate jersey.
  • Each team is scheduled to play a minimum of 2 matches each scheduled evening.
  • All start and re-start kicks are one (1) step rule.
  • All free kicks or re-start kicks are indirect kicks.
  • No off-sides.
  • Kick-ins will be the method of restarts, no throw-ins.
  • Opposing team must allow 5 yards of space on all restarts.
  • Slide tackling will not be permitted and will result in a free kick to the opposing team.
  • Goal kicks will be taken by the goal keeper and can roll, throw, or dibble the ball. 
  • No punts or drop kicks will be allowed. 
  • Penalty spot will be at the top of the goal arc. 
  • Unlimited rolling substitutions which must be made at the halfway line.
  • Players must wait until the substituted player has left the pitch completely before entering the playing area.
  • In the case of the goalkeeper substitution, the referee must be informed and the change made at a stoppage in play. 
San Angelo Soccer Association reserves the right to deny any team if their coach is not in good standing with our association or if by adding the team creates scheduling issues. Any rule not covered here will be left up to the discretion of the league director. 

Neither San Angelo Soccer Association, Board members, League officials, nor the complex accept any liability for injuries, illnesses, or medical expenses incurred at this event.