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San Angelo Soccer Association

Parent Resources

NTSSA Parents Code of Conduct

Offsides Rule

To see an explaination of this rule CLICK HERE

Measuring Success in Youth Soccer

Measuring you child's success in soccer by wins and losses or goals scored? Click on the Tips link below to see other ways to measure their success

When the "Bad Guys" Win

At a
PACT (Parents and Coaches Together) presentation last year, one of the parents asked a very pointed question: "Why do the bad guys always win?" It was a difficult question, one which kept PACT presenters discussing possible answers for over a year. To see what they came up with, click the attached link When the "Bad Guys" Win

The Making of  A Champion

Read the article that discusses the three things that make a champion. CLICK HERE 

Nutrition and Performance

Improper diet and/or hydration can seriously affect the performance of any athlete. This is more critical for young athletes who are growing and burning energy at a more rapid rate than adults. The child who tires quickly will not only have poorer performance, but have less fun playing sports. This could lead to your child's lack of interest in playing sports.




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