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San Angelo Soccer Association




Call to order 6:30pm

Voting members present – Michael Dennis, Susan Beaty, April Boggs, Schelle Canion, Travis Whitehead, Alfred Mendoza, Richard Scott, Danny Castro, Joe Percifield, Annette Perez, Bethany Cogdell, Nick Kauten, Rudy Hadaad, Aaron Carrillo, Wendy Jordan

Not present – Todd Moore, John Webber


No Old Business

New Business

Roofing Bids – Presentation by Chris from C&A Roofing discussing options regarding shingle types and other materials that could be used to lengthen roof life.  Price of $21,000 given for 4 buildings.  Deductible would be $1,000 each building, they’re willing to donate jerseys or something else to SASA to help offset that cost.

Office – Current manager is not performing duties required of the position nor is he keeping office open as he should be. A list of duties and expectations should be prepared by the secretary with help from the board.

Registration/Refunds – A list of teams without coaches provided, 24 refunds issued.

Treasurers Report – We need more revenue.  Options for fundraisers discussed including concessions, advertising and more.  Water conservation is important to reduce water cost.

Coaches – IDs need to be picked up before the first game, can’t get on field without one!

Schedules – Needed from commissioners ASAP!

Uniforms and Work Day – Field work day on 9/5 and 9/6.  A coach or representative of each team must show up and contribute in order to pick up uniforms.

Concession volunteers – As a cost cutting measure, we are seeking volunteers.  Some parents have done so and Mike will make a schedule once the game schedules are made.  A board member should be present at all times.

Weekend work Schedule – Board provided Susan with a list of dates they would be available so a schedule can be worked up.

La Liga Fields Usage and Pricing – Usage should be mandated, lease contract needed. Richard will come up with lease and pricing agreement.

Contract with City of San Angelo – Renewal on 1/1/18.  Contract will be taken to an attorney by Susan Beaty for review.

Risk Factor for Board – Concern expressed regarding members Alfred Mendoza and Aaron Carrillo having contracts with SASA. Board will take no action. Also, Rudy Haddad has a son on a team in his age group, board will take no action.

Tournament for spring – Named Wool Cup, will be a preseason tournament and the date is 3/3/18.

Spring Season Dates – Start 3/10/18, off 3/17/18 due to spring break, end 4/28/18 and 5/5/18 is the rain out date.

AGM – Will be held 2/5/18

Motion – Motion by Danny Castro to pay referees at a rate of 15.00 per game. Seconded by Travis Whitehead. Carried, no opposed.

Motion – Motion by Joe Percifield to require U7 and up teams to sit with both teams and coaches facing north side and parents of both teams to sit facing south side. Seconded by Wendy Jordan, motion passes with Susan Beaty opposed.


Next meeting 9/11/17 at 6:30

Meeting adjourned at 7:45

Office Information

Office Hours:

Mon: 3:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Tues: 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM
Wed: 3:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Thurs-Fri: 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM
Sat-Sun: Closed

San Angelo Soccer Association
1501 Glenna St.
San Angelo, TX 76901

Phone Number: 325.942.5425
Fax Number: 325.224.4150
Email: sasa@wcc.net

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